My Birthday Boy

Today is the 25th birthday of my husband to be, Ryan. Yes i have a toy boy! Lucky me!

We have been together for coming up five years, and he has been my rock and my support through so many different things. No it hasn’t always been easy and we have had our ups and downs, like any couple, but at the end of it all I have never had a partner who I trust more or who loves me the way he does. img_0975

I just wanted to wish him a very Happy Birthday and I hope that you guys will join me in that. He was my first subscriber here and he reads all my blogs which he receives by email, so anything you write, he will see!

Thank you for being there for me and the kids and for putting up with this ‘moaning, naggy old woman’ 😉 I may not be the most affectionate person in the world but you know that I love you very much and I couldn’t be without you.

Ryan also has an identical twin brother who of course, has his birthday today too! He has been just as wonderful as his big brother (by 6 minutes) and I would like to wish him a happy birthday too!


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