Guest Post with Rachel! A day in her life

Hi everyone, I hope this post finds you well. Today I am honoured to be hosting a guest post for the lovely Rachel From Hart of Blogging who is going to share with you the daily life of a mommy with a newborn. If you enjoy what you read, which I am more than certain you will please hop on over to her blog 

Let me keep you no longer, and here is Rachel’s post.

A Day In My Life As A Blog-From-Home Mom

As many moms out there can agree, there are no two days that are exactly the same when it comes to having a baby. The schedule can stay pretty close most days, but there are some things that just throw it all out of wack. That being said, I thought I’d shed some light on what a typical stay at home day looks like for me since having my little man 10 weeks ago.

I often get the question, “So, what do you do for work?” Especially from my husbands side of the family. I always feel a bit… I don’t know… awkward trying to explain exactly what it is that I do. Some people will hear “I’m a blogger.” and they immediately roll their eyes or kind of tilt their nose ever so slightly. You know the look.

Well, to all those people, you can KMWAHMB. Let me know if you figure that out!

I’ve been a blogger officially for one year and now, I ‘m a blogger and a mommy. This is how my day went on January 5th, 2019. Please keep in mind that not every day looks the same.

Blog-From-Home-Mom Schedule


5:00 – Wake Up / Bathroom / Brush Hair & Teeth

5:10/15 – Baby H wakes up ready for a feed

5:15 – Breastfeed Baby

5:30 – Baby H goes back to sleep / I pump

5:45 – Prep Oatmeal / Make Hot Tea / Fill Water Bottle

6 – YOGA

6:20 – Drink Hot Tea / Cook & Eat Oatmeal

6:25 – Mommy Devotional, Bible Study & Prayer Time (while I enjoy B-fast)


7 – Read a book for 15 mins

7:15 – Check E-Mail / Comments on Blog

7:30 – Wake up Baby H because he’s feeling damp.

7:32 – Change Baby H, diaper and entire outfit

7:35 – Mommy & Son Time (Read a book, dance to music, cuddle on the couch )

8 – Heat Up Baby’s Bottle of breast milk

8:10 – Feed Baby

8:30 – Baby goes into his bouncer and is content while watching/listening to BABY TV on YouTube.

8:35 – Make COFFEE


8:40 – Drink Coffee / Time On Twitter

9:00 – PUMP

9:15 – Change Baby’s diaper

9:30 – Mommy & Son Time (Read a book, Dance to music, Tummy Time)

9:45 – Baby goes down for a short nap (45 mins)

9:45 – Re-heat last half of Coffee & Down the Coffee

9:47 – Twitter OR Blog OR Cook Egg Burritos for Hubs and “2nd” b- fast for me ( Today, I managed to do all 3!)

10:45 – Hubby Feeds Baby while I take a shower

11:00 – Hubby hands me baby and I wash him as we sway in the shower and I sing silly made up songs

11:20 – Brush my hair / get myself dressed

11:30 – Lotion Baby and dress him


12 – Hubby takes Baby and spends some time with him. Maybe a movie or tummy time

12 – I begin getting our lunch together.

12:35 – Baby goes down for his nap (about 1 hr)

12:40 – Hubby and I sit down and eat our lunch. We usually catch up on WWE or watch an episode of TV at this time.


1:45 – Baby wakes up, I change his diaper.

1:50 – Breastfeed Baby

2:15 – Baby sits in his bouncer and we have Baby TV playing. He will laugh and coo for about an hour.

2:15 – Blog Writing, Commenting on other blogs, Twitter, Emails, whatever I can get to. This is my time, Baby stays happy and chill but awake. (BTW, He is right beside me as I sit on the couch, sometimes I’ll even sit on the floor beside him. Baby is never alone.)

3:30 – Play Time with Baby on the floor. This is when we work mostly on his exercise movements, I help him sit up and lay back down, we work on his head stability, just play on the floor for a little while.

4:30 – Walk outside. (If the weather is nice. Today it was. )

4:45 – Baby will usually go to sleep while we are out walking. This is his last nap of the day and sometimes the longest of his naps.

Today he slept until 8pm.

5 – 8 – During these hours, I will wash any dishes we’ve accumulated during the day, prep and cook dinner, and pick up around the house a little bit. We often try to fit in eating during this time as well. Today we were able to since Baby slept until 8.

8 – Baby wakes up and Hubby and I held him and played with him and got some cuddles in for about half an hour.

8:30 – Bottle feed breast milk (about 4 ounces) and Breastfeed until he falls asleep for the night.

9 – Baby is usually asleep by now and I do my nightly skin care routine and crawl into bed.

9:30 – I love to read before bed. I don’t look at social media or anything. I will read a book I love, a parenting book, or sometimes I just look at my little man in his Next 2 Me crib and fall asleep.

Baby H will usually wake up between 1&3 AM with a wet diaper. Hubby will change him and I will nurse him back to sleep on our bed and lay him back in his Next 2 Me crib. Then Baby Boy sleeps until the morning.

To some, this may not seem like the best routine, but it is what works for us at this stage of life. Baby Boy is 10 weeks old now. He sleeps a lot, and he eats a lot. Our “schedule” changes daily but we try to maintain a similar sequence of events each day.

I would like to thank Karen for giving me the opportunity to guest post on her blog. This was such a neat thing to put together and really made me focus on how I spend my time each day. I hope you enjoyed reading a little bit about what a day in my life is like. Thank you so much for reading!

Lots of Love,

~ Ray

I want to say a huge thank you to Rachel for taking the time to write this post for my blog, it is very much appreciated and a real pleasure to work with her. I’ll plug it again, don’t forget to visit her blog, I know she would love to have you there HartOfBlogging


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