Five things to do more and less for a better me

I have seen a lot of New year, New me posts but as you’ll know if you read my Happy 2019-Meh post, I’m a bit of a New Year Grinch. That being said, I have been thinking about ways to improve myself and I came up with the idea that I should take 5 things to do more and 5 things to do less, in order to be a better person.

Things to do more

  1. Exercise-Although I do Yoga, I really need to start doing some more cardio work and really get my blood pumping. But I am lazy and being asthmatic, I always dread the breathlessness. But I must discipline myself and get better at this, healthy heart, healthy……me?
  2. Sleep-I am awful for going to bed at night. I will say I am going to have an early one and then I find myself still sat in front of the TV or browsing the net close to midnight. Then I’m shattered the following day and find myself taking power naps when the kids are at school when I could be writing my book.
  3. Get Outside-I’ve always been a home bird but recently I’ve become quite the recluse. In summer, I seriously burnt my face and eyes and that put me off being outside in the sun and in winter I want to be infront of the fire. However, I need to get out and get some fresh air more.
  4. Affection-I’m not a very touchy person and I know that this greatly annoys Ryan and the kids. If they want cuddles I can be very short and abrupt and wanting to make it as short an interaction as possible. I need to work on this as I don’t want the people I love thinking that I don’t want that human interaction with them.
  5. Writing- I am working on my first novel but I don’t really have a routine for it. I try to fit it in when the kids are at school or of an evening but I need to come up with a set routine for when I am going to write and stick with it.

Things to do less

  1. Judging-Myself and others. I need to stop focusing on what people are doing ‘wrong’ in my opinion and allow them to make their own choices and not feel the need to interfere, unless my opinion is asked for,
  2. Wine-I do love red wine and I can handle it well but that’s not necessarily a good thing. I will easily drink a bottle of wine 5/7 nights of the week and that can’t be healthy. It’s no wonder I’ve put on weight! Not to mention my poor liver. I will attempt from now on to only drink two nights a week.
  3. Cleaning-I know this may seem like an odd choice but I clean my house…..a lot! I was diagnosed with OCD, which you can read about Living with OCD if you would like to know more, and I am one of those who cleans a lot! I have to say that I have become a whole world better than I was. I used to use about 15 bottles of bleach a week, I now use three, clean for around 5 hours a day, I now do about one and a half and I was literally crazy about ‘mess.’ But I still feel like I’m a little OTT and could probably improve some more. Like, I don’t really need to scrub my kitchen cabinet doors every other day for example, that, in reality is probably a bi-weekly job?
  4. Smoke!!!!!-I started writing a Stop Smoking Journal on here and if you read it, you’ll have seen how I fluctuated between total optimism and complete failure. Well I’m currently in failure mode and I really get down on myself because I desperately want to quit but I am so addicted. So this is something I really need to get my head down and work on.
  5. Worrying-I worry a lot, about a variety of things. Sometimes, it’s totally irrational most of the time and things that I actually know, deep down aren’t going to be an issue. Like, for example, I worry every month about paying my rent, yet it gets paid every month, I ALWAYS have the money set aside for it and yet I still find myself lying awake at night. Get a grip Karen!

Are there things that you think you could do better on? I’d love to hear. Let me know in the comments.


4 thoughts on “Five things to do more and less for a better me

  1. Polly Plaits says:

    Get outside really resonates with me!
    A few years ago my NYR was to get outside everyday – even if it was just a walk around the block. It meant I had to get out of bed, and get dressed – those were dark times.
    Now I am working full time so it is easier, but I still refuse to let myself stay in Pj’s all day for fear of slipping back into that state.
    Plus – outside are where all the people are! 😁
    And the best views.
    Having said that, sleep is also an activity that I am a big fan of!

    Liked by 1 person

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